LetsHead.to: Head to your Lifestyle Destination

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LetsHead.to: Head to your Lifestyle Destination

Everyone has social networking profiles online, but its of zero relevance when you are out shopping, eating, partying, drinking etc.

So imagine if social networking could act as a powerful enabler translating into real world benefits – then it really help people and solve their problems.

This is precisely what Bangalore based LetsHead.To is attempting to capture.

So what they do in tangible terms is that they take social establishments and model them completely online.

Based on user’s preferences/parameters, they suggest lifestyle places, help users with deals and discounts (discount coupons).

Founders’ take

Some of the things we do – is that we help people find where to go based on their preferences/parameters, we help them get discounts and great deals through discount coupons, become fans of their favorite establishments, – essentially use letshead.to to get a fantastic deal at any eating or drinking place.
In the long term, apart from physically eating, drinking and being there, you can do everything else on letshead.to.

How do you make money?

  • By creating the value chain – giving establishments traffic, and giving customers value-for-money and discounts. So we make money off the happy combination.
  • Locationally relevant and contextually relevant ads on mobile and on the website itself.
  • Taking a cut off any inventory we sell.
  • The revenue potential of driving traffic into establishments is massive. So we dont rely on advertising alone, we make cash off real world transactions also.

What’s your opinion on LetsHead.to?

The product is in closed alpha and the team is willing to share some invites (hop here)

Interestingly, LetsHead.to made it to TC50 demopit, but decided not to showcase the product, as they are focusing more on Indian market and may not serve the right audience @ TC50.

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