How to Leverage Social Media for Better Customer Experience

Every business that is serious about improving their customer support is finding different ways of establishing direct communication. Some companies rely on phone customer support, others prefer email contact, whereas some are utilizing live chat solutions.
A great way to communicate with a higher number of customers simultaneously is by establishing a social media network presence. The matter of fact is that the number of social media users is continuously increasing. With statistics confirming this trend, it is quite clear that a strong social media presence should be the primary goal for all types of businesses.
Let’s take a look at how you could use social media networks to create a better customer experience around your brand.

Make yourself visible in different social media networks

Even though Facebook is the most popular social media network, it does not mean that it should be the only place where you are establishing your presence. It all depends on the niche of your business. However, it is a better option to establish social media presence across multiple networks. This will allow you to strengthen your reach, as not all your customers are using the same social media networks.
The more people you are in contact with, the easier it will be to establish better customer experience. Even though it sounds like a challenging task to achieve, establishing a presence on several different channels is made much easier with social media management software tools, which make the whole process semi-automated.

Enhanced focus on engagement

It is very important to realize that creating your company’s page is not going to be enough for your business. You need to make sure that you are showing signs of activity, which is a clear indicator that your followers should stick around. The activity is also a sign that the visitors can contact you for help.
Now, which type of content should be shared solely depends on the niche you are in, but a general rule is to invest some time into offering free valuable content to your followers. Another way of reaching higher engagement is to share fun content that is related to your line of work.
This will bring in reactions and comments to your posts. If you want to attain higher engagement, use comments that can directly communicate with the audience. This will bolster audience engagement.
One of the primary factors that encourage increased engagement is response rate. People today are always looking to have their issues addressed as soon as possible. Social media networks are the perfect place for achieving this goal, as your customer support staff can immediately address the issues that your customers and potential customers might face. A higher response rate will increase engagement and also increase customer satisfaction.

Solve issues on the spot

Social media managers should be in close collaboration with the customer support team. It is a bad idea to redirect to your company’s email or customer support number when the issue can be solved on the spot. This is actually crucial, as contact has already been made, there is no need to redirect someone to another place. If it is necessary to exchange private information, there are private messaging channels on social media networks as well, making it unnecessary to move to another communication channel.
Therefore, give your best to resolve any issues without redirecting customers to different departments. Simply connect the customer support team to those who are responsible for maintaining social media network communication, it will surely positively affect your customer experience.

Know your goals

From the moment you establish your social media presence, you have to create a plan that is to be followed by your social media managers and customer service representatives. Are you going to use the page for creating more leads or are you going to be as responsive as possible? Both of these tasks can be achieved simultaneously, but it is necessary to have the right set of realistic milestones.
For example, if you are planning to invest in enhancing followers’ count without expanding your customer support team, your response rate is going to fall down. These little things matter a lot, especially if you take into consideration that people are always looking for ways to find a quick fix for their problems. Therefore, make sure that you balance your goals and slowly grow your audience and customer support team, for the best results.

Monitor and capture results

This is the most important part in any line of work. In order to achieve appropriate efficiency, it is necessary to measure the results your customer support team is making. It is best achieved through the utilization of particular technologies such as a knowledge base.
At least once a month, it is a good idea to spend time for capturing and analyzing collected data. This is especially important as measuring performance can make a significant impact on your future efforts. This is where a knowledge base can come in handy, as you can use it to collect all sorts of data for future reference.
By tracking activities, your team is going to understand what are the real needs of your customers, and effectively put in more efforts in bettering the service or a product you are selling. This fine tuning of performance can lead to significantly better results, making it possible for you to create an authoritative brand. A brand that truly cares about its customers.
These are the best ways to make good use of social media networks. By establishing a strong presence and being active on these platforms, your business can significantly improve its customer experience. If you haven’t already started relying on these methods, it’s time that you do. The results are going to be extraordinary opening a sea of possibilities before you.

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