Leveraging Chatbots for Talent Management

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together are forming a significant step up for the organisations to revolutionise their work performance. New and smart ways of work coming up which is how the future enterprise solutions are meant to be – simple, intuitive, and engaging.
While almost every industry is advancing with chatbots and automated processes, one of the key change in Talent Management sphere is how chatbots are playing an increasingly interactive role in the hiring process. From facilitating interviews to shortlisting candidates; and scheduling interviews to screening job applicants – chatbots powered with AI are completing many hiring-related tasks successfully and swiftly.
Traditional enterprises, who willfully opt to stay at bay from this technical advancement and continue with the manual recruitment systems, will predictably be at risk. Adopting HR technology is the first step ensure that your company is poised to compete in a candidate driven market.
The evolution of bots into the HR space
Internet bots have been prevalent since the last 15 years. Google’s web spider program made sure the search giant had information from all available internet pages, and then ranked them on their quality and links to other web pages. This was the start of the global dominance of the internet giant.
Bots have evolved in complexity and usage. Today, they are really popular as ‘chat bots’ replacing human interventions on chat platforms. Culmination of AI tech with bot science has made chat bots more powerful with diverse use. From information search to weather forecast, to actually booking tickets and buying products online, bots rule everywhere now. Chat bots have also made significant inroads onto enterprises, and talent processes have benefited tremendously with these technologies.
Talent management starts with qualification of competencies within an organisation and subsequently identifying gaps. This is done in line with vision, mission, values and business strategies that an organisation has worked on. When amalgamated with the HR processes such as recruitment, training, and talent management, the chatbots are sure to speed up the processes while tremendously making life simpler at workplace, with these:

  • Acquiring Skilled Workforce: Chatbots can be leveraged to hire new talent and answer the frequently asked queries. They can be used to prepare job descriptions and post them on relevant platforms online. The chatbots can also play a crucial role in interviewing an eligible candidate. It can ask questions and undertake assessment based on analytical, logical or psychometric parameters.
  • Boosting Retention Rate: Attrition rate is one of the major concerns for most organisations. With AI in place, measuring the retention level of the employees based on data will be possible. This insight will help gauge the failure or success of organisation’s talent management strategy.
  • Filling the Gaps: For any organization, the disconnect between employees and HR or employees and management is a huge alarm. With concrete insights and analytics offered by AI, the flaws can be found and fixed. With the very same insights, the biases (if any) can be overcome as well.
  • For an Improved Feedback System: In the traditional system of acquiring employee feedback, there are forms and sheets. Filling them is a daunting task. However, with a chatbot in place, collecting feedback from employees is both quick and transparent. With an AI-based conversational interface, the entire process becomes simple and automated. It also makes sure maximum engagement and participation from the people of the organisation.

Are We Willing to Let Chatbots Manage and Interact with Our Valuable Asset – The People?
With artificial intelligence and chatbots in the HR division, the operations and processes are sure to become more efficient. From recruitment, performance analysis, expense & payroll management to employees’ engagement, everything becomes simplified, quick and efficient. However our reluctance to blend with the tech advancements may throw us behind others.

Ramathreya Krishnamurthi is Business Head at TimesJobs. A business strategist and a transformational leader, he is known for his strategic thinking skills along with the art of managing complex transactions with simple and bottom-up solutions.

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