Finally, a smartphone that repels mosquitoes

LG has launched K7i which comes with mosquito away technology that will keep you safe.

LGX230I Mosquito Repellent Phone
LGX230I Mosquito Repellent Phone

Key Features of LG K7i Phone

  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Away Technology
  • 8MP/5MP Camera with Gesture shot
  • 4G VoLTE Enabled
  • Long Lasting 2500mAh Battery
  • Dual SIM with Separate Memory Card Slot

How does the Mosquito Away / Repellent feature work?

LGK7i mosquito repellant How it works
LGK7i mosquito repellant How it works

While humans can hear sound upto 20KHz, mosquitoes can hear sounds above 30KHz. The ‘mosquito repellent’ smartphone will generate ultrasonic frequency sounds that is expected to keep mosquitoes at bay
A perfect phone targeted towards Bharat and also the urban market. Note that during testing, the mosquito repellent phone was fund to repel on average 72.3% of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes – plus, mosquitoes are known to develop immunity towards such waves, so you are still on your own.
The price of K7i phone in India? It is Rs. 8,290 on Amazon and also ships with a case made for the phone.
Doesn’t this remind you of pre-smartphone era when companies like Micromax were disrupting the incumbents with smart features like these?

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