Even School Teachers Didn’t Want To Visit The Library Before This Happened

Ashrith Shetty and Sukesh Poojary did a complete makeover of an old and decrepit library of the Government Primary and High School in Balanje, Mangalore. Since then, students have been swarming to the library! Both of them work in the IT industry and hail from the same area. They left no stone unturned to achieve this.

It all began when the state government directed the school to renovate its existing library. The library was in a poor condition with outdated infrastructure and less than sufficient amenities. However, the school could only manage a meagre sum of Rs. 5,000 to allot for this purpose.
Hence, the school authorities approached the Parent Teacher Association and other such bodies. But for the most part, there was little to no response. The situation remained bleak until Anil Nayiga decided to take up the project. Nayiga was a member of the alumni association and a resident of Balanje (via).

 Nayiga then approached Sukesh for assistance. Sadly, before they could make any progress, Mr. Nayiga passed away due to an illness. Sukesh, however, decided to honour his efforts and continued working on the library.
Soon, Ashrith joined him in his efforts. Together, they began by reaching out to people to raise funds for buying furniture and material. They plastered the library walls, painted everything and redid the flooring. They went on to add a new set tables and chairs. Through their efforts, they eventually managed to restore the computers to a working condition, and even added provisions to keep the book collection updated.

After two months of hard work, the library was finally inaugurated on Nayiga’s birth anniversary -June 12th. His vision and the duo’s resolve made brought their efforts to life. Now, both students and teachers flock to the library in the hope that they would learn something new.

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