LifeBlob : Time your life events (300 invites to giveaway)

Bangalore based LifeBlob is an interesting startup that enables you to describe your life in timelines, i.e. you can add your life events (when did you pass your grads, marriage, first love.. what’er!) and share with the world.

There are a couple of sites in this space – Dandelife (reviewed here), Dipity, Plurk etc; but LifeBlob’s claim to difference is the social angle to the product.

Rakesh (co-founder)explained me (during the last barcamp) that most of these services revolve around “me”, i.e. are personal in nature, while LifeBlob brings the social aspect to all these events. So for example, if you and I attend barcamp and tag our posts, LifeBlog will add us as participants

When you make a post on your timeline, you can include a list of people who are related to the post or who were participants if the post is about a real event. And instantly, the post not only becomes a part of your timeline, but also shows up on the timelines of all these participants, thereby establishing a relationship ( a.k.a bridge ) between all these timelines. If you and all your friends start posting on Lifeblob and add each other as participants for relevant posts, you would get all the information relevant to you delivered right on your timeline.


The idea is neat, and fits the new Indian web that is slowly opening up to sharing their stuff.

Also, one can import blog, flickr pics – which I think is a great way to seed content.

Here are a couple of feedback/suggestions:

  • They aren’t solving any pain. The service is a “feel good” thing.
  • Target market? I hope it’s not India.
  • Heavy UI – Probably one of the coolest UI I have seen in the recent times, but if the target market is India, the app needs to be trimmed for slow connection. If the target market is US (i.e. everybody in the world), product messaging needs to be changed.
  • Integration suggestions. Find a need by integrating with LinkedIn, Orkut apps and FaceBook – this not only increases distribution, but will help you accelerate adoption.

What’s your opinion on LifeBlob?

The founding team has shared 300 invites for readers : (Invite Code: pluggdin)

Register and do share your timelines!

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