Lightspeed Invests in People Discovery Mobile App ‘Vee’

Vee is a people discovery mobile app that enables users to look for like minded people and build relationships.

Lightspeed venture partners have announced their investment in Vee, a mobile application designed to help people discover like-minded partners and build relationships.
Lightspeed’s investment in previous companies like vee 1SnapchatWhisperPhonewarrior and now Vee clearly indicate Lightspeed’s interest in network-driven businesses that leverage the growing smartphone base in India.

‘People discovery’ is a potentially high frequency use-case that is yet to be disrupted in India. We believe that Indian youth is becoming increasingly independent and open to new experiences and saw this reflected in early user data from Vee, where over 40% of monthly active users use the app daily, engaging in more than 10 sessions a day. While early, we believe that this level of user engagement is world-class and it cemented our belief that Vee has the potential to become an ‘everyday’ app in India helping people make new personal connections. [Lightspeed blogpost]

Vee is created by Nitin Gupta, who exited his previous venture – Coinjoos, which was acquired by Homeshop18.
Give Vee at try at the Google Playstore (Vee-Android) or at the Apple iTunes store (Vee-iOS).
Dating has been mostly a open field and apps like Tinder have seen massive adoption in India.
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