“Like China, we will block all such websites”– Indian Government to Google and Facebook

And while we are entering a ‘Big Brother’ zone, Indian government has warned Facebook and Google India that websites can be “blocked” like in China if they fail to devise a mechanism to check and remove objectionable material from their web pages.

“Like China, we will block all such websites,” Justice Suresh Kait said while asking counsel for Facebook and Google India to develop a mechanism to keep a check on and remove “offensive and objectionable” material from their web pages. [NDTV]

Earlier Indian government asked Google/Facebook and other companies to manually screen content going into the system and very recently, government has asked these companies to setup local servers.

The government also wants these companies to host data of Indian citizen, government organizations on Indian servers (and not move them out of the country), as part of privacy measure.

Indian Government's Version of FacebookAs we have been saying, the government wants India to (digitally) become another China, without the Chinese leverage and such acts will deter several other global companies (big/small) to setup its India operations.

Shouldn’t industry bodies like NASSCOM play a role here?

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