LimeExchange: Service Marketplace for SMEs and Service Providers

Lime Spot, the company that owns P2P service LimeWire has launched service marketplace in India, LimeExchange that enables SMEs to participate in global project outsourcing by requesting bids, awarding projects, and building relationships with service providers around the world

The service is free for SMEs, however, service providers will have to pay eight per cent of the project fee to the website on the completion of the work (5 available pricing bands depending on # of bids and tenure).

LimeExchange provides buyers with tools to negotiate pricing; award projects; escrow payments; monitor, review, and approve work; and communicate with service providers using e-mail, instant messaging, message boards.

The service marketplace is huge and apart from incumbents like RentACoder, startups like oDesk has made strong inroads (60K Jobs, 53K providers around the world).

LimeExchange: Service Marketplace for SMEs and Service Providers

Indian service providers have gained substantially from oDesk (total: 8000 providers) and LimeExchange, given it’s global presence can take away some pie from existing sites.

What really concerns me about LimeExchange is that being the late entrant, they aren’t even attempting to disrupt the marketplace. They have prety much the same business model as well as pricing.
What’s your take?

Another startup in this space: NineMotion

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