Line’s Group Calling App Popcorn Buzz Lets You Talk With Up To 200 People At Once

Instant messaging service Line has announced the launch of Popcorn Buzz, a free group calling app that allows up to 200 people to converse simultaneously.


The app is now available for Android smartphones across the globe and will soon be available on iOS. The company is promoting Popcorn Buzz as a personal and business group calling solution.

To get started users have to download the app, choose a username and upload a profile picture. Adding people to group calls can be done by sharing a call’s unique URL via email, text or through any other chat app.

During calls, a user will be able to see all the other member icons and can tell who’s talking by the green dots that light up in the lower right-hand corner of the talking users’ icon.

Along with the upcoming iOS release, Line also plans to introduce features such as group video chat, and the ability to talk to people in existing Line chat groups will be making their way to Popcorn Buzz.

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