With 26Mn users, India is Second Largest Market for LinkedIn

Social network for professionals, LinkedIn now has 26 million registered users in India. This makes India the second largest LinkedIn userbase.

India now has the second largest user base of LinkedIn, the social network service for professionals. The country has 26 million registered users, accounting for 8.6% of the global user base– only behind United States which homes one third of all the LinkedIn users.

The service which once had most of its focus on US — as it was launched in the States itself, today finds its wide adoption across the globe. Over the last 4-5 years, the service has seen most of its growth. In the past four months, about 2 million Indians have joined LinkedIn — LinkedIn reached 24 million users in February earlier this year.

“Mobile Moment”

As with the news and increasing dependence on mobile devices for content accessibility and consumption, LinkedIn wants to extend its reach to more mobile users.

The site as of present has 43% of worldwide traffic coming from mobile devices. Not a surprising figure though, considering the service has its app available on all popular mobile platforms.

LinkedIn has over 300 million user base across 200 countries. The service employs 5,400 staffs, out of which about 350 are from India.

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