LinkedIn Launches ‘Lookup’, An App To Help Connect With Coworkers Easily

LinkedIn has launched a new app called ‘Lookup’ that promises to help users quickly find and message coworkers.

The app is built for those who work at large enterprises which employ thousands of employees, where learning about coworkers is crucial but often tedious when done through intranet.

Lookup came about when the company found out that 46% of the respondents in one of its survey used LinkedIn to find coworkers as it had more up to date profile info.

Using the app is quite simple – Download it and sign in with your company email address. You will then be able to view the profiles of anyone within your company who’s on LinkedIn. It works even if you’re not on LinkedIn and if they haven’t downloaded the Lookup app.

You’ll also be able to send messages and email directly from within the Lookup app. The app lists basic profile info that the LinkedIn user has elected to make available.

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