LinkedIn Most Popular Social Network in India?


LinkedIn Most Popular Social Network in India?

Is LinkedIn the most searched social network in India?

Google Insights (read our earlier post on how to conduct online market research using Google Insights), like I mentioned earlier is a wonderful tool to play with data and can be turned upside down (or in any direction you want!) to get some interesting insights.

RoyalPingdom analyzed the most searched keyword for the famous social networks across the world and here are their findings:

  • LinkedIn is most searched from India
  • As far as Orkut is concerned, India stands at #3 position (after Brazil and Paraguay)
  • Facebook is most popular in Turkey and Canada.
  • Twitter is most popular in Japan.

    There are a few points I don’t agree to –

    • Most searched keyword doesn’t have a 100% correlation to most popular  – most pop is usage based, while the other is search based.
    • Comscore shows a different result altogether (see below):

    While Comscore is also not a perfect data source, it does give you an approximated volume of the usage.

    What’s your opinion? All said and done, it does validates LinkedIn’s interest in India!

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