LinkedIn Revamps Homepage, grabs Bill Gates too

LinkedIn has unveiled it’s new homepage and has also added customizable modules in the homepage.

The current customization allows one to add “People Search”, “Job search”, and “Answers section” modules in the homepage, as well as edit/remove the default modules.

The new design is geared towards building LinkedIn as a social/Business networking site, instead of a recruitment site (which is LinkedIn’s current state) and probably, take on FaceBook’s gaining popularity.


Interestingly, Bill Gates is the most search query on LinkedIn (followed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton); and LinkedIn has coaxed Bill Gates to create LinkedIn profile, after Gates suffered FaceBook fatigue.

So far, Bill Gates has only 3 connections and he has no intention to add more (the entire profile thing might be a plug for the ad serving announcement MS is going to make!).

Aside, what do you guys think of Business Networking sites? I see a huge gap in the marketplace (especially India) and a strong need for startup to close the gap.

What will make you switch to another business network? What sort of tool can potentially make another busines network interesting to you?

I’d love to know.
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