List of Apps that demoed at Appnomy Conference: Plustxt, Loitr, intARact, iDesignWeb [and more]

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Appnomy Conference was a great success with insights from the industry leaders, entrepreneurs and importantly, demo of apps that were selected from a long list of nominations.

In no particular order, here are the 9 apps that demoed at the event. We recommend you to test drive these apps and share your feedback/suggestions to the teams.


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Description: The best messaging platform on mobile phones with security, privacy and ubiquitous availability. – State of the art messaging infrastructure – Highly scalable XMPP and phone number based messaging – Privacy by sender controls and best possible encryption of messages*.



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Description: intARact is a free augmented reality app that recognizes images, logos, posters, text, QR code, ID barcode, 2D barcode,  and even supports face recognition. intARact uses mobile phone data connection and camera to give entertainment at your fingertips. intARact gives context specific results with respect to what the user is capturing. Capture ANY Movie image on poster, newspaper, hoarding, billboard, cinema, multiplexes to get movie reviews, movie timings, movie ratings, movie trailers, songs, theater locations, schedules and book movie tickets. Capture the entire AR enabled image or advertisement, newspaper editorials, brand logo, QR code in a newspaper (Times of India, Economic Times), magazines, web, TV, or outdoor source to get 3D (three dimensional) model, mobile brochures (mbrochures), wallpapers, ringtones, Youtube videos related to the context captured.


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Description: Planhound is a mobile app on the android platform to measure your usage and suggest the best plan right on the phone. The app measures your call, SMS, data and roaming usage. You can now keep a tab of how much you have used and in which category. Armed with your usage information and using our comparison engine at the app can then match you to the right topups and plan which fit your usage perfectly. No more overpaying, get the option which is customized to your usage.  



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Description: Mobile apps don’t have a natural existence on the Web. To experience a mobile app, one has to download it on their mobile device, which requires effort and patience. Even after one discovers a great mobile app, there is no easy way to share it with friends. For instance, even if ‘you like’ an android app while playing it and your friends see it on your Facebook wall, they would still need to download it on their Android device (if they own one) to experience it. This process is broken and exactly what AppSurfer solves for. AppSurfer will bring Android experience to the web accessible from anywhere. That is, you can try android apps on the web itself before actually downloading to the device.

iDesign Web

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Description: A true drag-and-drop mockups designing app on iPad with numerous easy-to-use tools and components that allow you to build mockups quickly and easily.  Plain and simple, iDesign web is different as it uses different gestures to perform needed action. With iDesign web you can make your transform the idea into reality with ease. Your wireframe is built. iDesign web offers large list of elements to choose from to help you enhance your web site design. Add photos, forms, video player, scrolls, text, and many more to create a sophisticated wireframe quickly and easily. iDesign web is the ideal choice for not just designers who don’t know HTML but also business owners who need a mockup, or anyone who wants to create a blueprint of a website for personal use.

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Description: presents a novel way to let users authenticate to websites and authorise payments on the web using a smartphone. The NCR based company has applied for a patent on the method and uses QR codes, and is based on the anonymous credentials and zero-knowledge proof concepts from information security theory.


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Description: Enhancing Women Security Security for women is increasingly becoming a huge concern throughout developed and developing countries. With special consideration to Indian Women, MindHelix Technologies has developed Sentinel, a smartphone application that can send instant alerts in case of danger. Set to work in multiple scenarios including forced switch off of the mobile phone, improper exit and as it is for women in cities it can also trigger alert on signal loss for considerable time.


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“HumThum is unique all-in-one mobile app that helps to create business and personal websites through mobile phones. It offers many features including mobile web designing, sharing (audio, video, and text), 1D &2D barcode reader, mobile scanner, astrology, currency convertor, share market price quotes with local information about 19338 Indian Pin codes.

Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch

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Description: “Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch (#1 bestseller app in Netherlands ranked in the Top 3 New and Noteworthy in US and Canada during Halloween) is an original, interactive story book app about a bumbling ghost and his friendship with a newly minted witch.

* Disclosure: team member, Pratyush Prasanna is also involved with Plustxt and hence wasn’t involved in the selection process.

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