Listening to Passionate Users – Picnik Updates Messaging

There are companies and then, there are companies that listens to its users and care about them.

We earlier wrote about Picnik’s updated privacy message (post Google acquisition) in an article titled “The Arrogance, Post-Google Acquisition (?)” and did raise concern regarding their updated privacy policy that smelled of a bit of arrogance.

The earlier message was “If you’d rather not accept, we’ll help you delete your Picnik Account”, which sounded a bit like I am holding a ‘gun-to-your-head’.

Picnik’s Product Marketing Manager got in touch with us, shared the right perception and the team immediately updated the messaging.


“If you choose not to accept, Google cannot legally hold your data and we’ll sadly need to delete your Picnik accounts”

This messaging clearly mentions the Google deal and a clear reason as to why your data will be deleted if you do not accept the new agreement. Most importantly, ‘sadly’ adds the right tone.

To give you certain perspective, I have been one of the early adopters of Picnik and have always enjoyed the service a lot – the informal messaging just adds to the fun of using it (goes with my earlier article on Running Your Own Venture and Still Having Fun?).

And it’s always great to see companies listening to users, taking note of the market perception and work on it.


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