Say Goodbye to 1 Star Ratings on the Play Store With Little Eye [bigMobilityConf Demo #10]

little-eye-logoAndroid has so many devices that run on hardware with minimum to high specifications that performance is not the same across devices. Performance is the number one reason why people uninstall app and is dependent on not only how quickly an app runs or performs but how well it consumes various resources like battery, memory, data plan on the phone. Unhappy users will go to the Play Store and leave a bad review and a 1 star rating which spoils the reputation of the app.

To prevent this app developers use various tools during testing, to easily measure their apps performance characteristics, allow intuitive analysis of all the data that is captured, and also help them in the process of actually improving the same.

Little Eye is one such tool that uses an intuitive “Visual Correlation Engine” based interface which allows developers and testers to quickly identify performance and resource usage issues (like battery, CPU, memory, file system, etc) and enables easy communication of issues between testers and developers, by capturing all relevant information like screen, logs, events, threads automatically.

Little Eye is based in Bangalore and the team members like to call “ions” (short for “eye-ons”).

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