Student Startup, Live Braille Is Rethinking Navigation For Blind People [Wearable Tech Innovation]

Live Braille is a startup that aims to take blind navigation to an entirely new level with a robust, and practicable technology in the form of glove. LiveBraille is a hand wearable glove that assists a blind in navigation purpose.


The device works on the principle of ultrasonic sensors and haptic feedback to provide directional and distance of upto  5 directions covering an angle of 180 degrees. “Few technologies we are currently disclosing are paper batteries, Patented logic fabric and gesture sensing.”, says Abhinav, the founder.

Based in Chandigarh, Live Braille is addressing 35 million completely blind on the planet who still use the trivial tools such as white cane for navigation. The problem lies in the direction of innovation which over years has not been able to economically, practically and ergonomically replace the white cane and the trust the blind people have on it.

By platform we mean a device that does not just help in navigation but is expandable to provide room to more assistive, communication and ergonomic technologies to be attached. Essentially replacing the stick with a glove.

Live Braille has been tested on over 54 users from New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hong Kong. The device is currently in evolution phase.

What’s interesting is that the founder, Abhinav S Verma is a third year Mechanical Engineering student. He is the developer of the world’s first wireless batteryless bell – “Pe Bell” for which he holds a patent.

Watch Abhinav’s talk at TEDx talking about the vision behind Live Braille.

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