Live coverage of presentation – Internet Products


Live coverage of presentation – Internet Products

Companies that participated in Internet segment:

Product: Inasra – a hotel booking service, Inasra goes a level deep and covers more than the hotels. Their coverage includes (apart from the regular hotels) service apartments, cheap hotels – right from price range of 300 – 45K!
Read our review here

Looking for funding (VC who can mentor them as well) and partnerships.

Pennywise Solutions
Product: tolmolbol, a local search service present across 100 Indian cities.
The presentation was well scripted and tolmolbol guys did a good job of showcasing their features (business search, SMS contact details, reviews/social network, events, classifieds, QnA)
Read our coverage with Anand, CEO (interview, podcast) and analysis of local search space.

@ Proto: tolmolbol is looking for product feedback, and also used the platform to increase awareness of the product.

Product: Tyroo
A self-served ad network, Tyroo is a contextual advertising network.
Very interesting presentation – rich visuals, Tyroo did “advertise” itself well.

Looking for product feedbacks/users/market expansion and recruitment as well.

Skillworth Technologies:
Product: Cricko, CricTV,
Aiming to tap the cricket frenzy, Cricko is an interactive media cricket network that allows one to play games and earn points (which can be redeemed).
Looking for VC funding and partners.

Well, they are solving a big pain (read the product review here) – enables one to look for driving direction using landmarks.
They showcased couple of new features in Proto: RouteMap / Widgets and RouteHints

Related: Podcast with Avinash, founder of RouteGuru, Elephant vs. Ant

Looking for funding and partnerships.

MineKey is a web2.0 startup in contextual content recommendation space. They have already received round A funding.

At proto: to showcase their product.

Genie Interactive
Voiee is a simple voicemail and voice messaging systems.
Deepak did a good “live” demo (was way too scared of Murphy’s law! – BTW his login failed the first time!!) and shared few of the features that Voiee is working on.

Looking for strategic partnerships, and investors.

Read the Voiee review

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