Watch Online Live Cricket (Free) at TenSports – Web or TV?

Watch online cricket (India, NewZealand and SriLanka matches at Compaq cup) live and for free, courtesy Tensports.

You can watch the entire Compaq series (India/New Zealand/Sri Lanka) online for free at Tensports website (link).

This is an interesting twist to the TV vs. WWW debate and even other online players (like cricinfo/y! cricket) will face a tough competition, as Tensports has upped the bar when it comes to real-time feed of the match.

Video ads, in general have higher CPMs (as far as TenSports is concerned, the videos are being monetized by Vdopia) and it would be interesting to know how successful the entire video platform is?

live online cricket (free) from tensports
Online Live Cricket from TenSports (It's Free!)

Web Traffic

During the union budget day, Nautanki.TV reported 1.2 million views – just in one day and that shows the power of live streaming and the opportunities.

Video Ad Networks in India – Web Traffic is more measurable

One of the big pivots for online video ad networks to be hugely successful is the creation of ecosystem where content producers, content publishers, advertisers and platform owners come together to create value for all stakeholders.

‘Success also depends on more players creating and publishing online videos. Traditional media companies are sitting on a huge inventory of quality video content. This is not available online because of costs involved for conversion to online format, effective monetization avenues, and complexity of building and maintaining a video infrastructure. Internet companies are not skilled enough to create quality video content and video sourcing avenues, too, were not only limited, but also is very expensive to them. Right approach to bridging this gap would exponentially increase online video content in a very short span of time.

In the TV world, the consumer is bored of the normal linear scheduled television programming because you can’t interact with it, view it when and where you want, and easily distribute it. The content producers’ revenue potential is limited in the absence of on-demand services, limited artistic freedom, and lack of global reach.
The marketer cannot target and measure his campaigns, and hence hopes their ads work and have little control over the effectiveness of their marketing spend. Online video overcomes all these obstacles, paving a new way to consume, create, and distribute, video content.’ – our earlier story on Online Video in India – What’s the future?

Earlier coverage of Video Ad networks

What’s your take on TenSports’ brave initiative?

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