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Working with global team? Well, one of the issues that you might be facing is collaborating across geographical locations and keeping your document updated with each and every individual’s feedback/comment.

Being a Product Manager, I face major issues while collaborating across multiple teams (especially technically-challenged marketing and sales). I can’t really afford to have a version control system for each and every file that I am working on. There are few files/documents which need a number of iterations (across different teams), before being published to a version control system (CVS/VSS etc.)

And that’s where Live Documents (from the factory of Sabeer Bhatiya’s InstaColl) comes as a great useful tool.

How does Live Document work?

  • You need to install the plugin.
  • The software will install a toolbar on MS word and excel (other MS office application are on roadmap, I believe).
  • To share the file with your contacts, enter their email id and permission level (read/write/)
  • Your contacts will receive a mail and instructions to install the Live Documents plugin.(yeah, sounds a little old-school types, but that’s the way it is!).

Unlike Microsoft’s Sharepoint, Live Documents does not require a centralized place to store documents – there is no need to upload/download files .

I think this is one of the best product coming out of InstaColl’s factory. Apart from the neat UI, Live does simplify a very very significant problem of collaboration. It fills a very important gap between unaffordable Sharepoint and Feature-poor wikis/other collaboration tools.

It would be great to have other MS products like visio etc. supported by the product.

As far as pricing is concerned, beta version is a free download – but I suspect that Live will not be free once it comes out of beta . 🙁

But I do have concerns regarding the usage. For e.g. I am not too sure whether this application will be able to merge concurrent changes from different users? Any ideas?

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