Live Documents – New wine in the old bottle

livedocuments.gifMarketers market and Bloggers take the fodder and blog (and forget to do the reality check).

If you think Sabeer Bhatiya’s Live Documents is a newly launched product, you are grossly mistaken!

Sabeer Bhatiya launched Live Documents in September of 2006 with a different avatar. That time, it was a collaboration suite which mandates you to install the plugin and you can share the file with others. The USP of live documents was that the software will update the docs as and when the authors update and share with other co-authors (i.e. super easy version control system).

But somehow the product never took off and was dancing in the dark (and then faded in anonymity). The core USP of the product (i.e. online collaboration) was rendered useless by online office apps.

Now, the team has announced a “live” version of Live documents – i..e online office which seems to be a “Microsoft ready acquisition” product (what a “live” name! even the integration won’t be a big deal).

Apart from a good PR stunt, Live Documents doesn’t seems to have any differentiator (and as TC says “Live Documents is nothing more than bullshit and smokescreens”) and most of the “cutting edge” features Mr. Bhatiya has talked about (like integration with MS office etc) is already available.

Only time will tell how a-live is live-documents. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if live-documents changes its avatar again and tries to catch up with another “cutting edge” rat race product suite.

What’s your take?
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