Zee News, Facebook and Nautanki bring live election results coverage

Now that polling is over, the last leg will attract major drama (from political parties) and of course, eyeballs for portals to monetize as much as possible.

ZeeNews, Facebook and Nautanki.tv have teamed up to cover election results live from May 15th – 17th. The website, Elections.Nautanki.tv, will go live on May 15th and will showcase the live score of number of seats won by each party.

Zeenews will stream the videos to the site, Facebook will provide user interactivity and Nautanki.tv will host the site.

A Facebook application will be made available on Elections.nautanki.tv page and the application will enable visitors to write down their views or comments related to the elections results coverage.

Whenever a visitor writes comments on the Facebook application, it will automatically get published as news feed of that particular member on its Facebook.com profile page and also on the home page of friends linked to him through Facebook.com – like a live news feed” –more

The microsite expects 2 million traffic in the span of 3 days.

Facebook, quite lately is getting aggressive in the Indian market (recently launched Facebook in 6 Indian languages)– and is trying to get as regional/local to attract the audience.

Social networking in India is one market which is still unaddressed (even after the debacle of all web2.0 copycats) and the incumbent player, Orkut has no serious challenger.

What’s your take on this microsite?

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