LoadKhoj Wants to Bring Freight Online with a Marketplace for Goods & Transport

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LoadKhoj Wants to Bring Freight Online with a Marketplace for Goods & Transport

Have you ever been in a situation of having to transfer some goods or freight that has special freight requirements but didn’t know where to look for the availability of such specific services? Thane based startup Loadkhoj is here to do that for you. The company provides a freight and truck matching service through its portal. Using the portal, a transportation service provider can find available freight that matches the available type of truck in real time. Say you want to transport some fish from Calicut to Bangalore which requires it to be frozen while in transit. Loadkhoj will help you find transport companies that offer cold storage facility through its site.Loadkhoj

The website serves as an online information exchange portal for the goods and transportation industry. The service gives instant anytime access to dynamically updated information about the requirements of the market such as available freight (goods to be transported) as well as trucks/trailers across the country. The service thereby increases the efficiency of the process of acquiring loads and trucks for transportation purposes.

Using the portal a user simply creates a load or truck post, and the website automatically finds matching trucks/loads for the post and notifies the user on Email and SMS. The portal also provides you with a rating service for the transport or load used thereby making it easier for other users to asses the quality and reliability of the services provided by various users.

Pawan Chawla, co-founder of Loadkhoj.com says “Most of our back-end activity involves the generation of as many replies to a load post as possible. Apart from the matches that a user may get through the website, we forward the inquiries via Email and SMS to transporters based on the source and destination of the load and the type of vehicles required. Currently it is done manually at our office but the company is planning to automate the process.”

The Indian transportation industry mainly relies on close contacts and past experience to get business, especially with majority of the companies having less than 5 trucks.This problem often limits the scope of their services to certain locations, routes, or customers. Information pertaining to available truck or load is usually shared over the phone and this information usually travels only a few links deep, often not in time, thereby reducing the possibility of finding return loads and driving up costs.

The main idea of this service is to enable freight owners and transporters to have instant access to a large pool of live information about the requirements of the market such as available freight as well as trucks/trailers across the country.

The company also intends to expand the customer base of its users by giving exposure to a lot more people in a targeted fashion. This whole process is made easy with the help of a well designed website which is easy to browse and use. All a transporter has to do is post a truck along with key information, and matching freight is automatically found. The service also helps in increasing capacity utilization and managing time and transportation needs in an efficient manner by giving access to all this information in real time.

Using this portal truck owners can also increases the chances of finding load to haul back home, making proper and efficient use of the truck on return journeys back to the origin.

The largely unorganised transportation industry is notorious for not being accountable. But Loadkhoj is hoping that this would change. “We are not marketing our service as a website to those that won’t use it,” says Pawan. Instead, the idea is to show them value. “It gets them freight for their otherwise empty-returning trailers and trucks,” he added.

The site along with all it’s services is currently free to use as a launch offer. Currently the service has 42 active transporters/booking agents/brokers, and 20 registered fabrication companies.

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