Local Search Market in India : On the Boil!

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Local Search Market in India : On the Boil!

I had reviewed the local search engine market in India, and one of my biggest concern was that as an end user, Google is my de-facto search engine and I will never use 2 search engines [Google and any another local search engine] for the same purpose.
Unless and until the local search engine is very relevant.

While Guruji and others are adding cities to their search engine, the missing link for them is the content itself. In India, the content is not structured and getting access to the content itself is quite painful [even the Yellow pages aren’t good enough].

And what if one of the biggest content owner jumps into the online search market space?
Today, JustDial, the telephone directory search company [i.e. 23333333] has launched its online avatar: JustDial.com, an online search engine that enables users access to city informtion.

JustDial has over few the past served as one-stop-shop [atleast in Bangalore] for all my queries on business services. But the painful point about the telephone service was that they will ask for your mobile number and email id [which of course means that they sell these details to interested vendors, and that translates into irritating calls from credit card/insurance companies].

The online avatar, hopefully will be stripped of these preconditions, as the revenue model seems to revolve around sponsored listings.

What’s great about the service is its’ relevant search result. I searched for housemaid [yeah! my family is looking for one!], and JustDial’s results are way better than Guruji’s [which didn’t show up anything actually!].
JustDial carries forward the brand equity that they have developed over the past few years and that will help them compete with the likes of Guruji.

I had my wow moment with JustDial when I searched for “North Indian restaurant in Banneghatta road,Bangalore” and apart from relevant results, I also got

  • Price range [i.e. meals for 2 below Rs. 250/500/1000 etc.], and
  • Wider Area search results [i.e. beyond Bannerghatta Road].

Now that’s what I call RELEVANCY?
ContentSutra reports:

As per the release, JustDial intends to include menu cards, and in case of movie tickets – link to online ticketing services…..Just Dial’s search is powered by Ziva Software, which had recently launched a local mobile search service called Zook..

Finally the search market in India has evolved [and this is definitely a milestone].

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