Local search stats for Indian Market


Local search stats for Indian Market

Local search stats from Comscore [June – August 2008 data]


  • UUs in ‘000
  • PVs in mn (*)

Few insights:

  • JustDial is ruling, but saw sharp decline in PVs number from July to August (almost half)
  • Both Asklaila and Yahoo are head-to-head.
  • Burrp’s PV/UU seems to be the highest (they are focused on content, and not really ‘search’ per se – esp. in categories beyond lifestyle)

*Approx Calculations:

  • Comscore doesn’t shows Google’s local data – hence assumed that 3% of query results in traffic to local.google.co.in
  • Ditto with Guruji (as it’s a web search engine) – assumption made: 10% of queries/traffic is of pure local intents (as they are supposedly a search player specific to India).
  • Sulekha: Search UUs are assumed to be 10%, and PVs to be 30% [quite high, since they have a strong ‘explore’ feel rather than search).
  • Comscore doesn’t have data for other players like yulop, onyomo, metromela etc. – in general, comscore doesn’t record traffic from cybercafes – so take these numbers with a pinch of salt (and pepper)!

Leaving aside the accuracy of numbers, what’s your take on these players?

What makes a local search successful?

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