Government asks Telecom operators to make location based tracking operational by May 31st

Indian Government earlier announced an initiative to track mobile phone users on a real time basis, and the government has now asked operators to ensure by May 31 that they have the capability to track location of a caller which could be shared with security agencies on real time basis.

You, yes You!
You, yes you!

By 2013, at least 60 per cent of the calls in urban areas would have to be accurately tracked when made 100 metres away from the nearest cell tower. By 2014, the government will seek to increase the proportion to 75 per cent in cities and 50 per cent in suburban and rural areas. For calls made 300 metres from the nearest cell tower, accurate coordinates will be required for 95 per cent in cities and 60 per cent in towns and villages at the end of two years.

The purpose is to track down the location from where the call had originated with an accuracy of 30-90 per cent in an area of 50-300 meters depending on the population and area. The government has asked operators to first acquire capabilities for the specified numbers given to them and within three years the location details “shall be part of call record for all mobile calls”, reports ET.

Do you think the investment amount for a project like this is justified when we do not have the will power to give justice to Ajmal Kasab, the 26/11 terrorist, who has been a country guest since 2008?

What we’d really appreciate is when telecom operators open up the LBS data to others and enable LBS ecosystem, which hasn’t yet seen the light of the day.

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