Bored? Find a Friend Near You With LocoMapia App

locomapia logoSay you’ve got some time to kill. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew which one of your friends were nearby? A group of Kochi based developers have come out with an app which does that.

Locomapia is a real time location sharing mobile app that updates your location, route, and distance with respect to other connected LocoMapia users and inform you about how close the other users are on a map. The highlight of the app is that it works even without GPS.

LocomapiaThe app uses your phone contact list to connect you with other users and also gives an alert when a person in the contact list joins LocoMapia.

The app will help you navigate to reach another user from your contact list then by giving you the best possible ways to travel.

The app also has some interesting features like LM Buzz and LM Quick Message to stay connected with other users. LM buzz is an alert system using which you could be send your exact location to other users and they could schedule a meeting using the quick message feature.

Users have the option to go invisible when they need to go off the map.

The free app is currently available on the Google Play Store and has around 1000-5000 installs already. The service will soon be available for other mobile platforms in the coming months.

Apple’s Find My Friends is another iOS app that offer similar functionality. Google earlier had Latitude, which it took down in August 2013.

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