Chennai based Perspecte launches LogBook – Touch tablets for Operations Management

We have earlier covered how touchscreen tablets are being used in restaurants and even how Café Coffee Day plans to use touchscreen technology to increase the overall engagement at its outlet.

Chennai based startup, Perspecte has launched a digital LogBook that enables operations personnel to create logs and execute checklists through a touch tablet. LogBook delivers LogSheets and CheckLists on touch screen.

– LogSheets are used to log the completed activities and the exceptions while performing operations. CheckLists are used to access information necessary for operations. 

– LogBooks are setup, managed and synced up wirelessly from SyncServer, the cloud server. SyncServer also serves as the point of integration with other information systems. 

The products provides real time visibility of operational statuses and also guides the personnel to perform tasks and checks through training videos and work instructions. It improves efficiency & cost savings as accurate and reliable operational information is available in real time (also available in offline mode).

The Tablet is a customized Android tablet (7 inch IP-54 rated Rugged tablet WLAN & BT) and the company has grabbed customers like Royal Enfield, Delphi-TVS, apollo, MRF etc.

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Here is a brief interview with Badhri Kidambi of Perspecte on the LogBook tablet:

Qn: The tablet is focused more on managing the operational status/checklists. What are the use-case/big opportunity do you see in this vis-a-vis a consumer focused (like taking food orders) use-case?

In semi automated operations be it manufacturing or services, tremendous amounts of paper filled forms are consumed (more for compliance purposes), which have inherent drawbacks. Papers don’t aid capturing information as it happens, papers get lost, they are not made available to the right person at the right time, they have to be consolidated to make any meaningful analyses and that never happens. All these drawbacks hinder operational efficiency and cost savings.

Food order management also comes under services, so it can be useful for them as well if consumed as a SaaS app. It is part of our product roadmap to make that happen on multiple platforms.

3. What parameters do you target while selling the concept to customers?

Make a strong business case of it and start small to acclimatize them to this new technology. Business case is primarily around operational improvements and minimizing overheads.

4. What has been the impact of the tablet to your customers (like Enfield)? – That is, how much efficiency has increased?

They love using it. It’s recently implemented. We are targeting an improvement in cycle time of around 15%-20% in component manufacturing. 

5. Could you share more about the team details/background?

A lean start-up with a team of 7, ranging from 4 to 12 years of work experience. Work experience ranges from manufacturing (Toyota US, Caterpillar, India and Wipro Infrastructure Engg) to IT (Silicon Valley SaaS start-up, Cognizant and TCS). 6 of the 7 are engineers and one is a CA. 4 MBA’s in the team (IIM, NITIE and California State University).

Experience: Toyota-GM(California US); Caterpillar, Red-Prairie(Silicon Valley), TCS, ABB, CTS & Wipro Infrastructure

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