Nexus 4 Users: Google’s Lollipop Isn’t That Sweet After All

Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop update has been lauded for bringing a completely fresh take on the OS, but since the beginning the software has had its fair share of issues.
Android Lollipop
Users of Google’s Nexus devices have been some of the worst affected by crippling bugs, starting off with the Wi-Fi bug for the Nexus 5. Now there’s word on a network issue faced by Nexus 4 users on Airtel’s network, forcing them to change SIM cards.
Soon after updating to Lollipop, the device is unable to connect to a cellular network, throwing up the message – “Your SIM card doesn’t allow a connection to this network.” Those affected with the bug say that wiping the cache partition and even factory resetting the device didn’t solve the problem.
While the issue is currently associated to limitation of bands on older Airtel SIMs, users faced no such issues running pre-Lollipop software. A baseband issues with the kernel of the new firmware seems to be like the most logical culprit, but there doesn’t seem to be a fix just yet.
So much so for Lollipop !

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