BBC tells the truth about loneliness: Younger people feel lonelier than older ones

The general belief so far has been that, as we grow older, we tend to lose friends we have made since childhood. Everyone gets busy, including close relatives and it gets only worse at the fag end.

One only gets lonelier, most often it has been cited to the reason of not having one someone ‘nearby’ enough to share and talk.

So, it is reasonable enough to think that post retirement would be the kind of age, where people are most lonely.

In a survey, which BBC did, the records have been put straight.

Yet the differences between age groups are striking. Levels of loneliness were actually highest among 16-24 year olds, with 40% saying they often or very often feel lonely.

This begs the question of why so many young people say they feel lonely. Perhaps they are more prepared to admit to feelings of loneliness than older people who might feel they need to stress their independence. But it was noticeable that when everyone was asked at which point in their life they’d felt lonely, even retrospectively the most common answer people gave was when they were young adults.

Time for parents and society to dig into this?

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