Looking for Product Feedback? Hear it from the doers at UnPluggd!


Looking for Product Feedback? Hear it from the doers at UnPluggd!

Unpluggd-Banner-300x250NextBigWhat is a platform that plays cheerleader, critic and connector to the entrepreneurial and product ecosystem in India.

To do this meaningfully, we’re engaging more actively and formally with a Practitioner Network that will help bring insights, ideas and expertise from those who are the doers of various aspects of creating and running products and businesses. Oh, and feedback too*.

You’re Invited

At Unpluggd 7, we’ll be doing a 20-30 min closed doors session with a couple of startups who are looking for feedback on their products. Alok Goel, Chief Product Officer at RedBus, and Sameer Shisodia, Product and Strategy Guy for NextBigWhat will hear about and see your product, and give you a first cut of what they think about it, what can be tweaked and what the risks and assumptions built into the product are – this should get you started thinking about the Product in a more focused, realistic, market driven manner.

If you’d like to make use of this opportunity, tweet your product pitch right away. You must include the hashtags #Unlpluggd and #PM.

We’ll pick a few and let you know by late today or early tomorrow morning.

You still gotta buy your tickets and get to the event, of course 🙂

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* We are looking at formalizing this opportunity to engage with practitioners on a sustained basis going forward. Watch this space.

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