Looking for Rare Ingredients for Your Master Kitchen? Try GlobalGraynz

GlobalgraynzImagine yourselves in Bangalore, inspired by Masterchef Australia, looking for some green pesto sauce for pasta, or some Kalamata olives. If you don’t find it in one of the very few gourmet outlets or maybe Russel Market, chances are, you won’t find them in town. There ends your fancy cooking.

Finding rare food ingredients can be nightmarish. Online portal GlobalGraynz wants to turn this into a breeze. The Chennai based startup is trying to carve a space in Indian online grocery market, with a different set of offerings tailored for niche set of users

There are many recipes and cuisines which have international ingredients that are hard to find in the local grocery markets. GlobalGraynz offers multi cuisine ingredients of foreign recipes to Indian consumers.

The portal has introduced an interesting feature called Chef’s Boxes. It is basically a package of ingredients for a particular recipe. For instance a pack of recipe “Tofu Walnut Dumplings (Vegan)” will contain items required to prepare it. Instead of buying individual products for a specific dish users can just buy the box, saving both time and effort. Also the price of a packaged box is less in comparison to the sum of the price of individual products.

Three variants are available in Chef’s Box; “Everything”, “Everything and More” and “Rare”, all contains different offerings. Users can select the type of Chef’s Box as per their requirement.

The website aggregates global recipes and cuisines from across the food blogs. The startup acknowledges the sender of the recipe and his/her personal blog on the site. It also shows the history, nutrition and ingredients for the listed recipe along with price and buying option, which we think is pretty cool from a user’s point of view.

Besides exploring recipes and buying pre-packaged boxes, foodies can also shop for individual products which are required in international cuisines. The site lists close to 150 items.

The startup does not maintain inventory as of now and relies on suppliers to fetch products. It takes 3- 6 days to deliver. Shipping is free in Bangalore & Chennai and costs Rs 100 in other cities.

There are number of ecommerce players in Indian online grocery market. Portals like BigBasket, O! martSalt n Soap, MyGrahak and many more are providing localised shopping for consumers for their food and grocery needs. Recently, Mumbai based online grocery store LocalBanya raised undisclosed funding

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