Looking for Saravana Bhavan in Sweden? Try Search Indie

For Indians abroad, finding Indian restaurants or say looking for a Bollywood dance school in Sweden, could be a challenge. Of course there are apps like Zomato these days for restaurants and hotels. But there are many other things that Indians look for. Search Indie wants to be a search platform for all such needs.

The platform helps you look for restaurants, shops, events, institutions and other things that are Indian in Sweden and nearby countries.

Search Indie is not a business listing website like Yelp or Zomato says Renjith Ramachandran, who has launched the platform. “Yes we list Indian restaurants , Shops. But we also list Indian Events , Dance schools , temples and almost anything related to Indian which both these don’t list,” said Ramachandran, an Indian software engineer based in Sweden.

The website was launched in January 2013 in Sweden and expanded to Netherlands, Finland and Norway in 8 months.

Search Indie

Currently, there are about a thousand searches on the platform for various keywords like like ‘beauty clinic , dosa , doctor , onam’. Search Indie also has a mobile application.

The app tells you where one can find the nearest restaurant or shop. It works for 6 countries in 10 cities. “We are launching a new country every month from December and will be covering major European cities by Aug 2014,” said Ramachandran.

We found the idea interesting and can see how it could be useful for Indians living or traveling abroad. The website, however, needs to be tweaked for better design and could use some polish. For instance, the Home Page has three lines of text which says Most Visited Restaurants, Most Visited Shops and Upcoming events with no hyperlinks (could it be for SEO?). Hitting the back and forward button on the browser occasionally throws up some unexpected messages. But these aren’t really too much of an issue.

A platform with such niche focus, if married with great data can be a potential acquisition target for  companies like Zomato looking to expand in the region.

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