Looking to localise? Learn from Zomato’s success in Czech Republic.

Important Lessons from the article:

1. Adapt your content to the local market.
Do not assume that what works in your startup’s “home country” will work abroad. Even the smallest of quirks in your product can be a game changer (like the approximation of the price of one pint by Zomato).

2. To achieve localisation, you need a local star team and prove that you’re a domestic expert.
Zomato was able to display local expertise through its curated content. From then on, I was sold.

3. Look to acquire the competition.
You might have the greatest board of advisors, the best team of engineers, or insane amount of capital, but that won’t guarantee you success in the local market (Yelp…) Sometimes, the local startup has already cracked the code and acquiring it might just be the smartest strategy.

Do you know of other such “Desi” companies who have successfully executed on a global scale? Do mention in the comments below.

Comment (1)

  1. Very interesting analysis. Except Zomato, who are the real ‘global’ startups from the country, with physical localized operations?
    InMobi, to a decent extent (they aren’t physically present in all the geographies they operate in).

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