Lootmore – Another Group Buying Site hits the market

We have been following group buying sites on PI for some time now (just broke the Taggle funding news). While many of them are trying to emulate the GroupOn model, there are some which are trying to approach the market slightly differently.

Lootmore is one such new offering which got released recently. Their approach is to have just one product per day (except on Loot days on which they will have more) and provide deals on that one product for 24 hours. There are several advantages of such an approach – the main one being its a great way to scale while they get more products on board (and have more Loot days I suppose). I also liked the bit that they are not geographically constrained but ship to all parts of India – unlike some of the others group buying sites.lootmore

Although the general idea is slightly different from the others, it is the execution which lacks the punch here. Even though its beta (an addendum which people have beaten to death and hidden behind as an excuse for half baked products), it is jarring to see “How Lootmore works” and “Get featured” as placeholder pages. Also in the jobs section is empty – if you don’t have jobs then don’t post it guys.

Group buying sites work a lot on trust and any e commerce site should have watertight EULAs and Policies. We were disappointed to see the policies and the EULAs needing a lot of wordsmithing and interspersed with tongue in cheek comments like “And like all good nerds, were possessed with privacy.”? We suggest a wordsmith to go through in detail on all of their pages and iron these out.

I was also disappointed not to see a counter for reducing balance of goods (they mention till stocks last – so I guess they should mention how much of the stock is left).

In terms of usability, the site has a few kinks (and wordsmithing again). If “loot” is the theme of the site, then shouldn’t the “Buy now” button be “loot now”? [Attention to Detail, anyone?].

Similarly, I think it would be a good idea to also engage the customers a bit on the site e.g. having a place to show items you missed and request for this in a future loot. They expect users to write emails to them – which most of us would be very lazy to do.

Lastly I do not think its a great idea to have ads from Google on such a site. The Ads I saw were both Snapdeals – a potential competitor. Not a good idea guys.

However the last decision is always the users’. Do let us know what you think.

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