Diesel Efficiency Startup, Loudcell Secures Investment From Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Networkloudcell has announced an undisclosed investment in LoudCell, a start up with a vision to save diesel cost and reduce wastage/inefficiency for diesel generators owners.
LoudCell offerings are based on the IoT and Cloud technology platform to enable quick scalability.  It delivers the most critical need for fuel and energy management at extremely low costs, and is designed to be tamper-proof.

The limited competition for LoudCell increases the probability of LoudCell becoming a huge player! And Ramesh and Ashish are an excellent team to build a large footprint company. LoudCell’s ability to reduce diesel consumption and in turn the carbon footprint aligns with IAN’s focus on high social impact ventures as well” – Mr. Pradeep Gupta – IAN co-lead for this investment.

With more than 5 million Diesel Generators of capacity greater than 15 KVA consuming nearly $13 billion worth of Diesel, economies like India and Africa as well as South East Asia, LoudCell’s technology will be critical for this sector.  The criticality of this technology rests on the single fact that developing economies are struggling to meet their production costs accruing to high level of fuel costs and spillovers. In addition, it reduces the extensive carbon emission which is an increasing concern for these economies.
LoudCell aims to help consumers reduce the carbon footprint, creating a significant environmental impact and estimates to save 0.5 million tons of carbon emissions by 2018.

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