And now 3G Connected Low Cost PC (alternative) from Qualcomm


Qualcomm earlier announced the launch of Kayak, a PC alternative for bringing Internet access to developing markets. The Kayak PC alternative fills the niche that exists between desktop PCs, which normally require landlines or separate accessories for connectivity, and Internet-capable wireless devices.

Now that 3G has been launched in India, Qualcomm announced it’s India plans and will launch Kayak Internet access platform in Q2 of 2009. The device will be priced at Rs.10,000 and one of the main USP of Kayak is that it can compute in low power scenario like India (source)

Kayak Qualcomm

The Kayak PC alternative includes a reference design and recommended software specifications that will be made available to device manufacturers. Manufacturers can then design a wide range of devices based on the Kayak reference design that take advantage of the high level of integration, inherent connectivity and comprehensive functionality. The Kayak reference design uses Qualcomm’s dual-core Mobile Station ModemT (MSMT) MSM7xxx-series chipsets to provide both computing and connectivity.

Devices based on the Kayak reference design will offer:

  • A Full-featured Web 2.0-capable browser from Opera Software able to perform at desktop resolutions
  • Access via the browser to Web 2.0 productivity applications
  • Support for both television sets and computer monitors to be used as displays and/or for a built-in display
  • Compatibility with a standard keyboard and mouse for input
  • Music player and/or a 3D gaming console functionality –  source

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