iAccept To Lower Hiring Anxiety [Employer – Employee]

iAccept, a Bangalore based startup has set out to solve few major pains of talent hiring – anxiety, embarrassment and last minute ditches. One of the hardest moment during hiring is to roll out one’s best offer and then see a “no-show” day by the potential as he/she took up assignment elsewhere. For employees, on the other hand it is an outright embarrassment to take that call from HR and explain why they did not join company – B and joined company – A instead. In fact many times it is almost a total disaster of having accepted offers from many companies (an ego-massage!) at the same time and then join only one of them without informing the others. But this happens quite often today.

Simply, because it is ugly to take that call from HR managers and explain to them how it makes you feel sorry but cannot accept the offer finally.

Hiring is like an arranging a marriage between employer and the potential, and it costs a lot to match talent with expectation before an offer is made. Blank fires can cause much loss to the company, and delay the execution of project itself. Small & medium enterprise being most sensitive of all suffer the most due to this.

So here is how iAccept can help businessmen (& hires):

When your company rolls out at an offer it invites the potential using his email & PAN card number (for freshers there is university roll number) through the iAccept company dashboard [See picture below]. The potential will get a notification on his email and can click to see the offer actions such as date of expiry, date of joining and click to accept. At the same time the person with offer can see offers from other companies who approached him/her using the same PAN card number. The hire can choose to accept any one offer as per his/her liking.

Once the hire accepts the offer from company-A all other organizations receive a message that the person bearing PAN Card no. such & such has accepted offer elsewhere. The information of “non-availability” is passed instantly to all employers and this lowers the last minute suffrage. Here is how the dashboard of the potential looks like:

There is also flagging process like “no-show” and “absconding” to help company note the history of applicants. I feel that such negative flagging should not be available to organizations outside (except to the one who flagged), because then it becomes a serious privacy issue. Besides companies will try to cripple career prospects of potentials given that it is natural for people to jump companies upon realizing that they made a mistake by joining them in the first place. There is whole lot of complexity in there, which iAccept does have an eye on as I spoke with them yesterday.

iAccept has applied to patent the above hiring process as B Mohan Kumar, CEO  explains the underlying challenge. Having more such services would mean bifurcation of the database, and then again the same problem of misinformation & failure in status relay would occur. True it is, and tough one considering low barrier to entry over the web. iAccept will have to keep a serious guard to enforce the patent as well.

So guys, what do you think of iAccept?

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