LurnQ: All That is Fit To Learn Under One Roof

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LurnQ: All That is Fit To Learn Under One Roof

Mumbai based LurnQ wants to make online learning easy, personal and collaborative. With social features and tailored content, the startup wants to be the digital repository for all your learning resources.

LurnQ crawls hundreds of websites and aggregates learning resources on a particular topic on its platform. One can sign up and select topics of interest and the site keeps updating those topics with newer content generated on the web.

With nearly 30,000 unique visitors a month and more than a third are returning visitors, LurnQ is in its early stages but has ambitious plans and is being positioned as your personal learning assistant.

The startup backed by Seedfund isn’t focused on monetisation right now but is building traction. The company is planning to pilot a subscription model soon and is also creating a cloud based enterprise version which will cater to the learning needs of the Small and Medium Businesses.

“We’ve signed up 10 customers already,” said Mitra. The startup is also creating an app through which custom courses can be designed.

The site is a bit like Quora, where you can create lessons and also follow lessons. You can follow or get followed by others on the network. It has a Facebook like Wall on which lessons are shared. One can comment and share lessons, add it to a library to read later or follow an author.LurnQTheir crowdsourced platform approach is great,  but LurnQ may need to bring in some heavyweights and evangelists like Quora did in its early days to create really valuable content if it wants the network effect to kick in (assuming they want to create a destination site).

Learners on the web usually go on to Google and search for the topics they want to research on. Then there is wikipedia, a seemingly ever growing resource of knowledge. LurnQ will perhaps need a very strong value proposition like Quora on which heavyweights come and share original insights. The rest will follow.

Certain amount of gamification might also help. It will also need a lot more content and users for the network effect to kick in.

Pune based CourseBuffet works in the same area but has taken a different approach to elearning. The site helps users discover and compare online learning resources and lists over 500 online courses from various universities.

Give LurnQ a spin and let us know what you think.

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