Lycos Is Making A Comeback With A Smart Band and Smart Ring


Lycos Is Making A Comeback With A Smart Band and Smart Ring

Lycos is launching a line of wearable devices that can track your fitness, help pay for things at physical stores more easily and unlock all your smart devices.


The devices will initially ship in two form factors, a smart wristband priced at $124.99 and a ring priced at $59.99.

Lycose Life devices will perform a plethora of functions that we’ve come to accept as standard features of wearables – Tracking activity, sleep, heart rate and notifying users of incoming calls and other important notifications.

Further, the devices feature Tap2Transfer capabilities that allow the wearer to securely transfer their number, a business card, or an address to launch directions to a restaurant to a friend’s phone.

Another great feature of the Lycos Life devices is that they can authenticate logins into devices, apps and sites, meaning users don’t have to type in passwords while they have the wearable on them.

All this isn’t particularly mind-blowing, but the company is implementing a few cool things on the software side. Since the wearables will have access to so much of a wearer’s personal information the devices will soon be able to know if it’s being worn by the owner or not.

By learning the movements, habits and other parameters of a user, the devices will be able to accurately tell who’s wearing it. In effect, the wearer is sort of the password that unlocks the device, which is a great safety feature.

Apart from its wearables, the company is also launching an IoT platform dubbed the Lycos Life Project. The humanitarian initiative will give out devices with sensors and wireless communication technology that can track air and water quality.

Families receiving these devices will then be able to track the information from the cloud to live healthier lives. 5% of the profits from selling the Lycos wearables will be pumped back into the Lycos Life Project.

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