Log Your Life Events To Make Your Personal Timeline With LyfeLog

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Log Your Life Events To Make Your Personal Timeline With LyfeLog

lyfe logA lot of us are avid users of social networks, but there has always been a void in the functionality and experiences that were being provided by the various networking apps available. There are not many apps out there on which we could log the memories from important events in our lives, be it photos, videos or text, all in one place in an organized chronological order. That is of course if you leave out Facebook & such.

Imagine if you could look back at your timelines and see our lives in an organized log, with the important moments highlighted the right way. This is what Nagpur based startup LyfeLog wants to achieve with its new app, also called LyfeLog.

What is LyfeLog?

LyfeLogThe app lets you record important memories and events like a party or a concert you attended, or interests, activities and also maintain a personal journal on your mobile device. These logs can also be shared with others and also on your social networking accounts through the app.

One of the highlights of the app is that since you will be curating the contents on your timeline, it will not be cluttered with posts that do not interest you unlike some of the other social networking services.

To give users better access to their logs, the app also lets them download and import all content from their mobile log onto their computer, right from the beginning, forming a complete archive of everything they have ever shared on it. Users can also delete their account, removing every post  made by them on the app completely.

The app ensures that you have complete control on the visibility and the longevity of everything you share and that data will not be shared with anyone, under any condition.

Since 2 weeks, after its launch, the app already has above 350 users on its Android versions.

When a user signs up they are given 6 months of free trial account. Post which, it will be a choice between a paid (ad free) subscription model and a version with advertisements.

The iOS version of the app is in the works and will be released soon. In the future the app also plans to add an instant messaging feature and also integrate Foursquare to its service.

Day One app, only on iOS, and Everyday Timeline are some other notable apps that offers a similar service.

In a way most of the features found in the app are similar to the ones found on some of the social media sites. Twitter too allows users to download their tweets chronologically into their system. The differentiator might be the way in which the app manages the privacy of the logs, something Facebook keeps changing their mind about very often, and let you share select events from the logs with chosen people.

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