MacCoin launches in US : McDonald’s own currency, literally!

On Thursday i.e. 2nd of August 2018, to commemorate the Big Mac’s 50th anniversary, McDonald across it’s 14,000 restaurants in US would give 1 MacCoin on every Big Mac purchase. And customers can redeem those coins in lieu of another free Big Mac, starting from 3rd of August till the end of 2018.

The coins are brass coloured and Thursday has been chosen as the launch date because it coincides with the 100th birthday of Mr. Jim Delligatti, a McDonald franchise in Western Pennsylvania , who invented the Big Mac.

We are living in an age when there is almost a new crypto-currency being launched everyday, there has been never more interest in general public sphere how to free the entire “exchange of value” system from tyrannical hands of governments and central banks, who have been the sole issuer of currency so far.

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