Machine Translation to Urdu Pak Translations [and more]

Tired of reading same old media stories about Pakistan’s political climate and stand-off with India (or cricket anyone)? Read on. In Pakistan too there are quaint beginnings of Tech Entrepreneurship, just as there are in ours. And the first start-up which caught my eye is an English->Urdu translation tool on a website called Really, we need seamless translations between Urdu, English and Hindi!

The user-interface is a bit jarred at this point, but for an Urdu-illiterate like me, this is an indispensable tool should I get interested in reading Urdu Poetry.

Another, beta book-marklet by Syed Ghulam Akbar too is a translation tool based on Google’s Transliteration API and helps in converting English pages to languages like Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi etc. Syed Akbar says he is working on “Urdu to Hindi” translations coz both languages share a lot in grammar, morphology, and vocabulary, and yet majority of readers of one language can’t read the other written language”.

Akber, like many Indian casualprenuers, is developing his book-marklet as hobby right now and is looking forward to make it a professional activity sometime soon.

Does it look like Asian products rounding off over the Valley? Do give your thoughts #Pi readers.

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