Madhya Pradesh Government Launches 100 Crores VC Fund To Promote And Incubate Startups

The BJP government has been focusing on local innovation – starting with budget announcements to launching Make In India campaign.

ShivrajSingh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has announced (on Twitter) that the state government is launching a VC fund of INR 100 crores to promote and incubate startups in IT and MSME sector.

This is a great step to not just promote innovation at state level, but also will help tap (and grow) local talent.

Having said that, the bigger question is who is the beneficiary? Who helps government decide on a ‘great startup’ to invest in? What are the metrics to track such funding?

We certainly hope that the government has answers for all these. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship is going mainstream and is certainly a good news for all!

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[Thanks @ravhari for the tip.]

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