MadRat Games Sells 1 Lakh Copies of the Board Game; Launched 50 Products in 9 Months

Board games startup, MadRat Games which raised funding from Blume Ventures and First Light Ventures has sold 1 lakh* copies of their board game.

Importantly, none of these games were traded games or imported ones – these are all developed in-house [read : MadRatGames : Why a startup decided to sell its product to government first (and then retail)].

To achieve 1 lakh boxes in an year meant getting to more than 50 products in 9 months (from 4 products in 2 years) – meaning 4-5 new products every month.

Cofounder Rajat Dhariwal shares that the team will start to convert the board games IP to Mobile games as well and will be launching the first title in November.

The Ticker @MadRat Office
The Ticker @MadRat Office

The MadRat Story

After 4 years of teaching at Rishi Valley school, the team decided to launch MadRat games, a company that develops board games for Indian Languages. While teaching, the team realized that there are ways to get kids to learn without getting into the incentives (or carrots?) of ‘you have to be the number 1, you have to be the first’.
So while researching, the team found out that there were hardly any word games in Hindi and while games like Scrabble existed for more than 30 world languages, but none in Indian languages.

“Hence we studied the differences between English and Hindi and it was not long before we realized the obstacles one would have to go past in order to create such a game. Moreover being a game, the solution had to be very simple to understand yet so unique and novel that no one had ever chanced upon it. Akshari achieves this through the inclusion of certain unique features which have emerged through years of thorough research into Hindi and various Indian languages, consultation with experts both in the field of languages and design, considerable intuitive insights, and extensive playtesting with adults and children.”

MadRat Games’ flagship product is Aksharit – the first Indian language word game (i.e. Indian Scrabble). The game has reached 3000 schools in 1.5 yrs through four state govt partnership. Also, digital versions have been launched in partnership with Nokia (on 5 Lakh touchphones), Intel (AppUp store) and Google (official partner for Chromebook’s India launch).

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*: MadRat team expects to hit the 1Lakh deadline by today evening. 

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