Maggi launches exchange offer: Get 1 packet if you return 10 empty ones; Ecommerce companies?

There is a plastic mess out there and the only way for people to follow the line is by incentivizing them (gyaan helps no one).

Maggi has launched a return offer – i.e you can exchange 10 empty packs of Maggi noodles for one fresh packet at retail shops. The programme has been launched at two places in Uttarakhand and could be introduced in other states later .

By the way, Maggi, along with PepsiCo’s Lay’s chips and Parle’s Frooti are among the top brands causing plastic pollution as consumers were not disposing of empty pack (via)

Not a CSR activity anymore

The most important piece in this initiative is that this isn’t a CSR activity anymore – this is part of Nestle’s promotional expenditure. The collection of empty packs and responsible disposal will be done by the Indian Pollution Control Association.

Isn’t it time for ecommerce companies to launch a similar system? A ‘GOODWILL’ loyalty point system?

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