MagnetWorks Wants To Make Industrial Automation Affordable

MagnetWorks Engineering, is trying to help medium and smaller industries by providing real time dashboards, custom reports and analytic tools.

magnetFor any factory or industrial development center, equipment and machine monitoring is of utmost importance, especially for production optimisation, improved environmental performance, safety and other such related activities.

Industrial monitoring systems are usually expensive and not easily affordable by smaller industries and a major contributing factor to this problem was that most of these products are manufactured by multinational corporations outside India, which adds to the cost.

MagnetWorks Engineering, a Bangalore based startup founded by Sahil Kini and Tushit Jain, is trying to help medium and smaller industries by providing real time dashboards, custom reports and analytic tools to help them improve their business, at a more affordable price factor.

The Founders

The duo, both from IIT Madras, who come with a lot of industry experience have developed this platform, which is a combination of hardware and software capable of providing actionable insights to business owners, especially for manufacturers.

Interestingly, Sahil met his Co-founder Tushit on Facebook. “I put out a message in a bottle saying that I want to work on a hardware project. Ashish Goel, who was the Founder & CEO of UrbanLadder, connected me to my co-founder Tushit Jain and things got off to a quick start.

The Product

The system developed by MagnetWorks draws data from sensors and actuators capable of measuring temperature, pressure, flow, energy and other parameters and processes it on the cloud to generate these insights and alerts.

RedBox, a hardware component product by MagnetWorks, pairs with the sensors and sends it to the MagnetCloud platform. Users can then access that data through any device, analyse it and create a real time interactive dashboard. They can also generate reports and set up SMS alerts. The service also allows equipment suppliers to remotely access the factory’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and troubleshoot problems online.

Sahil Kini of MagnetWorks at UnPluggd
Sahil Kini of MagnetWorks at UnPluggd

The hardware component is completely wireless, ensuring that the entire factory is connected without laying many cables. This also brings down the cost of setting up such a system. Data is transported by the hardware devices securely over cloud and can be exported to other enterprise applications through the MagnetAPI.

The entire system is compatible with high-speed production lines and PLCs thereby enabling users to see and access the data in real time.

To deploy the system in your factory, you first start by discussing your requirements with the MagnetWorks team, who then analyses and identifies the processes and machines that require to be monitored and controlled.

The company then sets up RedBox hardware components and pairs it with the various sensors, meters and PLCs. RedBox is compatible with most industry standard output interfaces like RS485, RS232, Ethernet/IP, ModBus and Profibus, the company says.

Finally, data sent by the hardware component is made accessible through the MagnetCloud platform for the engineers and other teams to analyse in real time using the provided dashboard.

Industrial monitoring and automation is a market dominated by giants like General Electric, Honeywell & others. However, MagnetWorks says that most such solutions are expensive and use a lot of electrical wiring.

The startup launched their product at the winter edition of UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference.

Watch MagnetWorks launch at UnPluggd

Here’s what Sahil had to say about his launch experience at UnPluggd.

Our demo at Unpluggd was the perfect launchpad for us. The product demo video was particularly popular, receiving 400 views in the first day. Based on the coverage at UnPluggd, we must have received at least 10 enquiries for industrial automation projects and several VC/angel connects. That just means we’re going to be very busy in the coming months.

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