mahaQ and linguos – Indian Language Content Search Engines

Transliteration has mostly been one way – i.e. only for publishing, but there is an obvious need to bring the same concept to search paradigm.

mahaQ and Linguos are search engines that allows searching for Indian language content without any transliteration.

mahaQ is a search engine that allows searching for Indian language content without having to learn any transliteration schemes, Users spell terms like they typically do in English (phonetically).  The system does automatic transliteration and search. There is also an interactive mode for users who prefer it.

For instance, search for ‘billi gayi dilli’ shows the following page: is a superset of mahaQ and covers most of the major non-Roman scripts in the world.

To search for ‘book’ in Hindi, you would enter kitaab  or maybe pustak.

Users can search for Indian language content with just an English QWERTY keyboard. This is NOT a translation service, but a transliteration and transcription based search engine.

The products are in early beta state and the team would like to know your feedback.

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