Maharashtra taking drone usage to stratosphere : In largest ever such exercise to land survey 40,000 villages with drones.

52% of Maharashtra state’s population lives in villages and still only about 10% of the villages land have been surveyed. There are in total of 43,721 villages in state and out of it manual land survey of only 3,977 villages have been conducted. All this in last 53 years, since state’s formation. 

If the current land survey system would have been used, it would have taken 30 years to survey all the villages of the state. With the use of drones, the exercise can be completed in just 3 years.

Maharashtra state government did a pilot project for land survey at Soneri Village in Purandar Taluka in Pune district using drones, some time back. The goal was to assess the feasibility of expediting land surveys and thus issue of ‘Property Cards’ with the use of modern technology.

Land surveys currently done involves a lot of human effort expenditure and is time consuming, and of course prone to errors and omissions.

Soneri village has a population of 3,000 and 380 properties were surveyed using the drones and 380 ‘Property Cards’ were also issued. The total expenditure on the pilot project was Rs.2.88 Lac.

Buoyed with this initial success, the state government now is all set to land survey 40,000 villages of Maharashtra using drones.

Lacs of court cases are pending due to property related disputes in the country. Through issuing of “Property Cards” with an automated error free method, the owner of the property can get a better price for the property. Property transactions would thus be free, fair and transparent and disputes would lessen a lot. Government would also earn large revenue from such transparent transactions (via).

Survey of India would help with the printing of maps, using drones and other technical guidance.

For the government, this is putting the money where it’s mouth is. It could thus identify all the open available spaces for the government to use, in the way it will deem fit. The revenue to the state exchequer would thus rise.

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